My Life

My name is Jennifer and I am a 41 year old mother of two wonderful children, a son that is 14 and daughter that is 11.  I live in beautiful but crowded California.  I have been married to the love of my life for almost 19 years.  We met in college our freshman year and never looked back!

I spend most of my time chasing my very active kids.  My son has played baseball and basketball since the age of 4.  We play year round tournament baseball which two years ago took us to Cooperstown, NY.  He also plays basketball for his school and is looking to play some tournament ball too.  I am hoping that all his dedication and love for the games leads to a scholarship someday!  🙂  My daughter dances everyday of the week and takes us all over for dance conventions and competitions.

My family loves to go camping whenever we get the time…lol!  I have always been fairly athletic participating in dance, gymnastics, softball and tennis all through high school and playing tennis in college.  My husband is also very athletic and played basketball through college.  We enjoy biking together when time allows.

My husband actually was the first to start the ABS diet a couple of years ago and I noticed the chances it made in him and was on board as I believed that with both of us doing it, it would be easier to stay tuned in.  I participated in my first 52 Day Challenge in the fall and ended very happy with great success…so here I am working even harder this time!

I love all the motivation and the “team” approach here which is what keeps me focused and accountable!


  1. Hi Baseballmom! Found my old 52DC and meandered through it to find some of the “old” crew. Hope things are going well for you, Would love to come back someday soon and rejoin the old group, I hope the challenges are still going strong, and I do miss all of you.
    As always

  2. Baseballmom, I am a fellow 52dc participant. This is my fourth challenge I have followed your challenge posts because I am a big baseball fan, I thought I would see what was happening currently in your life adcenture by tuning in to your blog, but alas it seems you are too busy to blog. Will you be spending some time at Hohokam this spring for baseball? I hope to be in Az early enough to attend some of the spring training games.

    • Hey Jesse,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes I have not been very good about updating my blog…will try to do a little better.

      I will be in AZ for Spring Training, my son being in the Minors won’t be playing at the “real Hohokam”…but I will be there in March whereever he is playing. Last July we spent 17 days there watching him play at Hohokam….so exciting!

      I too love Baseball…been my life and am so happy it continues to be!


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