Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 7, 2015

Time to Kick It Into Gear

Well, the new 52 DC starts tomorrow.  I didn’t finish the last one due to illness…my motivation has been lacking but I am working on finding it!  I am surrounded with many friends and family who are starting the year off right and I have to be part of that.

I just completed 50 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up for tomorrow 🙂  I am letting my Pintrest addition not only find me new recipes but also some new workouts.  I completed a Jillian Michaels interval workout which was awesome!  I didn’t feel like I had been on the boring treadmill for that long.  I ended up with over 3 miles and had burned over 500 calories!  I will use this for my CT workouts for a little while until I get tired of it!

The starting line awaits and I am ready!!

Time for some fun!  🙂


  1. Let’s do this! Good luck BBM!

    • Thanks Exsanguinator! Glad to see you back!

      Here we go! 🙂

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