Posted by: baseballmom024 | May 31, 2014

Starting out Sore

Well here we are at the beginning of the Summer 52 DC.  I started a new RT program and am always so surprised at how sore I am after my first workout.  I have been lifting weights and just completed the Bikini Workout which was not an easy workout.  I am now doing the Hard Body Workout….I truly understand why it is important to change your workouts every so often!  The main reason is to be sore…lol!

I like the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises as it gives me workouts…spelled out, I just have to open and follow!  Once I start and hate to get behind so I stick right with it!

Looking for this soreness to easy a little.  I had a hard time sleeping last night as no matter how I seemed to lay it hurt!  Ok enough whining!  I have lot’s of pushups, pullups and burpee’s ahead!

More fun on the horizon!



  1. Baseball Mom -You are amazing, always ready to take on a new challenge. I hope you feel better soon, but I’m sure the results will be worth the effort.

    I like the BBOE, big pictures and easy to follow. Perfect for me.

    Good luck and I know you will make this a great challenge.

    On to pushups, pullups and the rest of your agenda. Enjoy!


    • Thanks SixGz’s, you are one to keep me motivated and on the path…I don’t think I will ever be as amazing as you but I try! 🙂

      I am with you on the BBOE…easy to follow and great pictures!

      Enjoy your day…take a little rest…you know you deserve it!


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