Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 11, 2013

Sunday Family Day!

I love to sleep in on the weekends, but also know my workouts await.  Getting up I ask my hubby if he wanted to do my RT workout…he joined in and realized my workout is no easy workout…lol!  Then we took my sister to breakfast as it is her bday.  After breakfast we decided we needed to workoff what we ate before our dinner with our parents.  So, my hubby, 16 year old daughter and I set out to hike in a regional park, it was a little warm to head out at this time of day (88 degrees) so we only did 2.2 miles.  But we had fun and we were together as a family! 

I am so blessed that my 16 year old daughter still wants to hang with her parents more than running around with her friends! 

Resting up before a wonderful dinner and of course ice cream and cake at my parents.

Feeling like a perfect day!



  1. Wonderful day – wonderful time of life – enjoy.

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man! You are so right!


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