Posted by: baseballmom024 | June 9, 2013

What a package!!

I just had the most wonderful 48 hours!  My son who had 3 days off due to the MLB Draft told me he couldn’t come home because pitchers had to stay and workout….he had been texting me all week about having to stay…but did tell me he sent me a package that should arrive this past Friday.  It said it was nice things for me.  That surprised me that he would be sending a package but thought that was very nice.  My husband said he didn’t send any package…the package is him….it got me thinking but still he told me he had to stay. 

Thursday he was texting me all day..said he was golfing on his day off….and that he had tracked his package and it was delivered that day.  During the draft he was texting me and so was my husband as I was still at work….as I left work I called my husband and said…”is he there”…no answer and next thing I knew….my son was on the phone!  He was the package….I thought he is one incredible kid!  He left Mesa at 4 am to drive home for 48 hours.  I was sad to have to say goodbye today…but really felt wonderful about his surprise! 

Looking forward to a week from today watching him pitch in his first game of the season!

Who said boys aren’t thoughtful…. 🙂


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