Posted by: baseballmom024 | June 2, 2013

Can’t Shake It!

I have been fighting this flu for almost 2 weeks, I can’t seem to shake it.  I was down for a week and then thought I was getting better….but still very little to no energy…not much of an appetite…and just don’t feel good!  I signed up for the 52 Summer DC but not sure I will be participating…..I can’t workout until I gain my strength and feel “normal” again.  Very frustrating!


Hoping this week ahead will end this craziness and let me be human again!!!  I have lost 5 lbs….can’t seem to gain any back…so I guess that could be one good thing out of this bug whatever it is!



  1. You are not getting out of the 52DC that easy. 😉

    Feel better.

    TNT Man

    • Oh TNT Man….how I wish it wasn’t true….if I wanted out I would come up with a better excuse! LOL!


  2. Sorry your feeling bad, It is so frustrating when you work hard at being healthy, eating right and exercising and then wham you’re on your back. I had a similar thing last challenge. Get well and strong first before you go hard again or it seem like it takes longer to fully recover.
    Has Paul been assigned yet? It is about time for short seasonn A’s to get going.

    • Thanks Jesse, it has been tough…just can’t seem to get my strength back, it has been almost 2 weeks. Definately not rushing into working out.

      We were in Mesa Memorial Weekend, he looks good and will be assigned within the next week. They don’t tell you until they put you on the plane. He is ready for the next step, so are we. Planning a trip to Eugene for their first games.

      Thanks for your support.

  3. I will keep watching the rosters looking for his assignment I bet you are all excited. Get well I miss your posts on the 52DC and your little flying superman.

    • Thanks Jesse! We are very excited! Can’t believe it was a year ago tonight we were sitting here watching his name be called by Fergie Jenkins….how fast this year has gone!

      I hope to be back to the 52 DC sometime…still weak but feeling better…don’t want to start until I am good!

      We should know his assignment soon…first game is in 10 days in Eugene!

      Be Well.


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