Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 22, 2013

Family Time….Baseball….and Dreams!

Today was a very long day….but oh so worth it!!!! Up at 3:45 and on the road by 4:30….we headed from our house to AZ to spend 10 days with our son down here at Spring Training. It took us 14 hours but we arrived….we were towing our trailer so it took longer than normal. It was so great to see him….we all miss him so much! He has grown into an incredible 19 year old man.

We will attend several minor league games to watch the guys who we watched play Rookie Ball with him last year and we are lucky enough that he will be pitching Sunday and hopefully one more day while we are here!!!

There is nothing like having the family together again and of course baseball. As my daughter says, she knows no other life! She was just 1 year old when he started playing at the age of 4 and has played ever since….we have so many great memories and are looking forward to so many more as he pursues his life long dream to play professional baseball!

I have said it many times before, he has proven to me that dreams really do come true….you just have to believe in yourself, the dream and keep working hard!

Now…I have to do the same while on vacation to make sure I get my workouts in…somehow, someway….all while having fun with the family!




  1. BBM:

    Enjoy this time with your family. Days of Joy and Wonder.

    I know you will find the time to get your workouts in.

    TNT Man

    • TNT Man,

      Thanks so much! I am working on that now…people in this RV park might think I am crazy….but what’s new…lol!


  2. Your son’s dream is a big one. But thousands of Major League Baseball players had the same dream….and it came true for them. Dream big why not!

    • Jesse –

      Thanks for your comments! Yep, if anyone can make this dream come true I know it is my son. Each time I see him throw I realized how far he has come and how far he still has to go…but he has the love, the drive and the desire! Keep your eyes on the Cubs!


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