Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 17, 2013


Well….I have done two days of my six week bikini workout…..first it was my legs and butt that were killing me…they are getting better….now my abs are killing me…lol!  I feel so old!  My daughter and hubby are laughing at me… this what it feels like to get old????

Tomorrow is day three….back to the “A” workout…will see how I fair………….



  1. BBM:

    The Pain that feels so good. Let’s move forward a couple of years and see if your daughter is still laughing – or – looks back and says “If Mom could do it – I can do it.”

    Have a great day.

    TNT Man

    • TNT Man,

      That will defiantely be interesting! LOL! Here is something even funnier….I got some CUBS yoga pants…had them on and my hubby posted the picture on fb…well my mother in law thought my butt….was actually my daughter! LOL! We all are laughing at that!

      No pain no gain…that’s for sure!


  2. Family resemblance – lol.

  3. Baseball Mom – Getting older, not a chance. Look at those pullup and pushup numbers. You’re killing me! Let them laugh, I think they are very proud… as they should.


  4. SixGz’s:

    You are always so kind! But I think you are killing me! That’s ok….the battle continues…right?

    Thanks for all the motivation and support!


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