Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 12, 2013

Another Family Milestone

Well…here we are near the beginning of yet another 52DC…..I have been working hard to bust through my weight plateau that never wants to be broken….this morning I weighed once again at my lowest weight since I was sick with pneumonia several years ago….hard work continues to pay off…

So that being one great milestone….my family has reached yet another today…my 16 year old daughter had a perfect score on her driving test at the DMV for her license.  She is my overachiever…over thinker..over studier….(kind of like me)…in fact my husband always tells her she over thinks things and drives herself nuts!  During her driving test the evaluator told her to do something….she was asking about what he said….he told her it seems she gets very nervous and over thinks things….that gave her a laugh and she told him that is exactly what her dad says!  He went on to tell her she made this test look easy!

So here my husband and I are home alone…she was off to a basketball game in the car her brother gave her for her 16th bday, December 31, 2012 ( this was exactly 3 years after he had scored a perfect score on his road test).

So proud to see what lies ahead for all of us!

More workouts for me…I know that!  🙂



  1. BBM:

    Now if your insurance rates would only reflect the reality of her maturity. 😉


    TNT M an

    • TNT Man,

      You are so right….she is so much more responsible and mature than many girls her age and older….


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