Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 12, 2012


Seriously!!!  Who really says running isn’t boring?  I just can’t get into it!  I have been following a Women’s Health Start Running program where you do intervals…run…walk…run…walk…etc.  As you progress you increase your run time and decrease your walk time….I just get bored…I try listing to music…still boring…try to watch tv…still boring…even text…boring!!  How can anyone enjoy the pounding step after step your body takes?

Oh well…I will continue along and see where it takes me!



  1. I totally agree. Running is my least favorite activity be it Steady State or Interval – on a treadmill or on the street. Boring – no question. And probably bad for your knees and hips. I would rather do dumbbell complexes to get my heart rate up.

    Enjoy the run. 😉
    TNT Man

    • TNT Man,

      I do tend to feel it in my left knee after a little while…..definately not my exercise of choice!



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