Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 25, 2012

All in a Day!

Got up this morning a little tired after watching two movies last night….I knew what was ahead of me….RT….and one that I do not care much for….but I did it anyway!  Always glad to get it out of the way first thing in the morning…next stop…caramel french toast that had been sitting overnight for the kids…none for me……off shopping with my daughter…..not feeling much energy…but she wanted to go so I went……home to make M&M cookies for my son…while make the cookies..and getting some turkey chili in the crockpot for dinner…a burst of energy was found….out I went to play volleyball with my daughter until my arms couldn’t take it anymore…I am not a good player….back in to make homemade dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream… for a walk and more volleyball….

Oh how I wish I could stay home and bake all day!  And yes…you know where that would put me…in the 200+ club!!!!

Oh well…had a great day!  Thank goodness I have very active kids that can eat the treats that I love to make!



  1. Wonderful day – no question. I would never – never – survive in your home. 300 pounds would be in my future.

    TNT Man

    • My hubby tries to blame me when he gains weight…lol! Kids never gain…it’s all or them…and a taste for me!! That’s all you need is a taste…right? My hubby wants the whole container of ice cream and both cookie jars…that’s the problem!

  2. ” My hubby wants the whole container of ice cream and both cookie jars…that’s the problem!”

    Not really sure I see the problem. 😉

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