Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 13, 2012

Belly Fat Cure

I am really surprised at the results I have received from following the Belly Fat Cure Fast Track menu schedule.  Saturday, my hubby and I both started this program.  Having gained a few extra pounds in Disneyworld I was ready to take it off…well …when reading over this while on vacation…it sounded a lot like TNT but not exactly.

Anyway, I tipped the scale at the highest weight I have seen…probably ever on my scale …following this plan religiously, thanks to my hubby…I kept wanting to cheat…lol!  Here I am …after 5 days I am down 7 lbs….I can’t believe it …and the little pouch in my stomach that I always hate…is flattening….I am not a big fan of fish…but I have suffered (lol) through as the menu shows through 3 nights this week….no diet coke…that is killing me….but I have held true to this program…I see it working and how can I argue with it!

This weekend I will stray a little bit as we are heading to AZ to tour the Kansas City Royals Spring Training Facility and meet some of the higher up’s with the organization.

I am now at the lowest weight I have been at in years and years…it’s hard to think about “cheating” because I love what I have experienced.



  1. Congrats – glad it is working – keep it moving.

    TNT Man

    • THANKS Tnt Man! Hubby lost 12.5 lbs so we are both happy!


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