Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 30, 2011

Cardio vs Time!

WOW!  I am so glad I got out to a quick cardio start!  I seem to have this problem more and more often….life gets in my way…or so I say!  I am not a morning cardio person…I get up and do my RT 3 mornings a week…but am not a morning cardio person…therefore I leave my cardio for after I get home from work at night….welll…my nights have been extremely busy between the scout visits and kids school events……I know I will make my cardio goal…just feel blah because I haven’t been able to keep up my schedule I started at the beginning of this challenge!

I just have to remember ….. life throws you curve balls….you just need to know how to hit them….as my son’s coach posted on facebook this morning……now hand me the bat and I will show you how it’s done….so I better get on it…no excuses….tonight will be a cardio night….even if it’s midnight!  😉



  1. Really exciting things happening for your son and family. He is one lucky guy to have the family support that you have given him.

    I don’t doubt that you will get your Cardio done – you don’t know any other way.

    Life is exciting – enjoy the ride.
    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man…it is very exciting…every night as we face a new scout I think to myself….is this really happening….like a dream….just hope to keep the dream alive for many more years! We truly are a lucky family!

      As for cardio….yep I was there at 10:45 running…ugh!!!

      Gotta get ‘er done!

      Thanks for your support always!


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