Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 26, 2011

Who Jinxed Me? SixGz’s?

Ok…so yesterday I got up and did a new RT workout….felt great!  Got home from work…onto the treadmill for an hour…no problem…sat down on the couch with my daughter to watch Desperate Housewives which we had recorded…no problem….got up to go to bed and could stand up straight…the pain in my ribs was unbearable…only the two of us home…she was worried and wanted to go to the hospital..I made my way upstairs…thought maybe a warm shower would help…it did a little but the pain was still excruciating….climbed into bed, propped myself almost upright with pillows as I couldn’t lay down…woke at 2 am…took motrin…had to go to work today..had a meeting with the big bosses at 7:30…ugh….woke up and felt a little better…still in pain…made it through the day….pain still there…a couple more motrin….no pullups today…..deciding whether or not I should attempt the treadmill….my friend who is a nurse says no…rest!!!  We will see who and what wins out!!

SixGz’s I just happened to read your post before writing this….are you willing me to rest so you can pass me up??????  🙂



  1. Be good to yourself – feel better.

    TNT Man

  2. Thanks TNT Man….I figured a little compromise! 😉

  3. [b]Baseball Mom[/b] – Wow, truly sorry to hear you are in pain. Hope you are feeling better today (Thursday). Seriously, stop pullups for a few days.

    No jinx intended, really. You are far too strong a competitor, you can beat me any given Challenge.

    Remember, we have a long road ahead, so rest and I know you’ll be back to 100% before long.

    Take care,


    • SixGz’s:

      I know you wouldn’t jinx me on purpose…lol! Much better now….was scary for a day and a half….didn’t do any pullups….last night felt much better…did just a few and got my cardio in!

      As for beating you any given challenge….hum…I don’t believe that is true!!! You are the true competitor…but I have fun trying!!!

      Thanks for your support!


  4. BBM
    Take it easy and take care of yourself…..

    • BB Mom, Wow! twist just the wrong way and ,… I hope you are feeling better today, I’m with everone else here, get well soon.

      • Thanks Capt’n…..not sure what happened but seems to be fine now…must have been the new abs workout…lol!!!!


    • Thanks SWF, feeling much better…maybe just much needed rest!


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