Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 19, 2011

Start Your Engines!

Here we go!  We are off on another wonderful challenge…a quest to meet or exceed my goals and tone my body!

I have set the following goals:

CE:  90

RT:  20

CT:  30

Triple Terror:  40 hours of CT, 1200 pullups and 1200 pushups.


Terror it will be!  If my arms make it through all these pushups and pullups it will be amazing….almost as amazing as 40 hours of cardio!  I am ready to get back to some discipline on my workouts, I have been doing my RT’s 3 days a week no problem…cardio just hasn’t interested me since the last challenge….so I guess I better get interested fast!!!!!

I will really work to get ahead from the start and stay there!!!

Let the fun begin!  🙂 😦  LOL!



  1. Baseball Mom – Here we go again, thanks for keeping the quest alive. You can do this, and make it fun along the way.

    Let the cardio begin, I find the fun to be optional.

    I’m looking forward to the next 52 days, my bet is that you will exceed your goals.


    • Thanks SixGz’s for taking the time to keep me where I need to be! I agree with the fun part….definately not thinking fun while I am running…lol! I will do my best to still be a live at the end of this challenge! LOL!

      Thanks for the strong support!


  2. BBM:

    As always, you set high goals for yourself. My money is on you to hit all goals on the nose. Now start peddling or running or ….

    TNT Man

    • Thanks! I have some great fans…hopefully I don’t let you down….I know the motivation for cardio! I will get at it!



  3. You really have set the bar high for this challenge BBM.

    You set a great example for everyone on the forum including myself. You never post easy goals. You are always challenging yourself and encourage others to do the same.

    But,..40 hours of cardio???? That might just be a little bit out there!
    Good luck with it, I know that if you put your mind to it your body will follow.


    • Thanks Capt’n….I appreciate your kind words and support… for the 40 hours of cardio…believe me that was not my idea…SixGz’s takes all that credit…he is crazy…I just have to follow him and hope for the best….lol!


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