Posted by: baseballmom024 | October 1, 2011

Another Challenge in the Books!

I really don’t know where the time has gone…but another challenge is in the books!  I am not happy with my 4Max results but have no one to blame but myself….I am happy with my RT’s and thanks again to TNT Man for guiding me on setting up a DIY workout…I have completed 2 weeks of my first program and really enjoying it!

This challenge was definately a challenge for me.  I believe I got the fewest running and biking miles that I have ever gotten…my problem…I have to be home to get the miles…lol!

The challenge may not have ended as I wished it had, however the distractions have definately been worth it!  My son’s baseball dream is getting closer and closer everyday.  Our lives are incredibly busy with scouts…advisors and baseball…I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon…!!!!  After the draft in June…I may slow down a little…we will see!

See you next challenge!


Thanks SixGz’s for another awesome challenge….you continue to amaze me and provide me with the motivation to keep going….am I still invited to the next challenge?  🙂



  1. When my life was as busy with kids as yours is – I gave up on exercise and any attempt to control my eating. You are a one fantastic person.

    On your DIY workout – I change mine up every 4-5 weeks. Sometimes with new exercises – other times – switching high reps lower weights to hight weights lower reps. Just need to keep things interesting.

    Enjoy the break – see you at the starting line.

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man, I have thought about just throwing in the towel…but that is not an option…..with the support of people like you…I am here for the long haul and fighting my way around this crazy but enjoyable life!

      I have two plans designed right now…my plan was after 4 weeks, switch to my second plan…..thanks again for helping me stay focused!

      Yep, see you at the starting line1


  2. Baseball Mom – You accomplished more that you can appreciate. Everyone is fortunate you share your precious time with our little band of challengers.

    Enjoy the break, and savor this brief respite from the press of miles and miles.

    Of course we’ll do this again soon, but for now… Congratulations!


    • Thanks SixGz’s, appreciate your continued support! Without you and our little band of challengers, I wouldn’t be here!

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