Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 19, 2011

Thanks to TNT Man I had created my first DIY workout a couple of weeks ago but couldn’t muster up enough motivation to do it….well this morning was the first day of Workout A which I intend to do 3 days a week for 4 weeks.  Here is what I have set up:

1.       Core:      Swiss Ball Jacknife          3 Sets              12 Reps

2A.  Glutes and Hamstrings:  Single leg hip raises  3sets        12 Reps.

2B.  Upper Back:  Single Leg Dumbbell row  3 sets       12 Reps.

3A.  Quadriceps:  Dumbell Squat    3 sets        12 Reps.

3B.  Shoulders:  T-Pushups        3 sets      12 Reps.

I thought I had picked fairly easy exercises….lol!  Ok…what I thought would be easiest for me….wow!!!  By the time I got to my quadriceps I was dead and had thought about only doing 2 sets….but how dumb is that…you made it this far…just finish it….so I did… arms an hour later are still feeling a bit fatigued….but all in all…feel great that I got up and did it!  Now just need to get my self motivated to continue M, W, F mornings!

Thanks TNT Man for directing me to the right place in the book to do this….thanks also for your continued support and motivation!

Whew!  Another one in the books!



  1. Congrats:

    Nice plan – T-Push-ups are not fun. You obviously were not easy on yourself.

    Keep up the great work(out)

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man….I have been doing T Pushups a lot lately not sure why…lol!!! I hate the hip raises…but then how many exercises do we really enjoy??? So here we go!

      Thanks for all your input!!!


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