Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 8, 2011

Biking…anyone….running anyone! Hmmmmmmmmm

I am once again finding it very hard to get my biking and running miles up to par…not sure if it really is my lack of time or my lack of motivation to get it done.  I have found a great way to get my RT’s in, M, W and F mornings before work….works perfectly….but the miles have to come at night and it just isn’t happening….

The last couple of days I have had some health issues going on and have no energy so the thought of jumping on the treadmill just isn’t there.  Hopefully this weekend at some point I will be able to add a few more miles to the mix…it’s gonna be a long shot to make them all happen but I’ve been here before and will continue to do what I can do!


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