Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 2, 2011

New RT Program

I have been following one of the weight programs from a recent Women’s Health magazine…haven’t really seen any results so time to move on….I try to keep my RT not too complicated or too long as I have been doing them M,W and Friday in the morning before work.  Last night I got out my BBOE for Women and read through it again as it has been awhile…this morning I did just a three exercise RT which you do 3 sets of….I will see how this one works and if I see any results. I figure with this RT program and my pushups and pullups…I should see some change.  I know I can meet back up with Jillian and definately see results…not ready for that yet…it’s hard to do that and also get my running and riding in….did get a couple quick miles this morning on the treadmill.

Looking forward to hopefully getting some pedaling in this weekend…



  1. I just glanced at your workout – yes I have the Women’s BBOE as well as the Men’s – a gift from the author, Adam Campbell.

    Go to pages 28 and 29 – and use that template to Design Your Own workout. I expanded the A – B to A, B & C templates. Modified it according to rules on pages 14 & 15. And I have my DIY Template which I switch up every 4-5 weeks.

    It is an interesting brain exercise which may just give your the variation you want to keep you interested in a program.

    Enjoy the holiday.

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man, I will check it out! Appreciate you always looking out for me! 😉 You can probably tell..I get bored very easily…lol

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