Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 27, 2011


Really not sure what has happened today!!!  This is my day to sleep in when everyone else has to get up…but really never happens…well today I had to get up to take my daughter to school as hubby is on his “guys” trip.  Got up at 6 am…did my RT program…took her to school….came home and decided I would rather take a nice bike ride then jump on the treadmill.  Beautiful morning…no wind and about 68 so off I went….was headed back home at about 9 miles…decided to take one more turn and ended up with 11 miles.

Next up…a little laundry….ww pizza dough in bread machine…banana bread in the oven…ww pizza dough done…white pizza dough in bread machine… washed…blinds cleaned, window ledges vaccumed and wiped down….room re arranged…floors mopped…plants pruned…..WOW!    Wonder if I will sleep well tonight????

More jobs for tomorrow….darn!



  1. When your finished – come on over to my house keep on cleaning. 😉

    We spent the end of the day yesterday bringing everything inside that could fly around and piling up the rest in what we hope is a sheltered area. Drained the pool – 5-7+ inches of rain expected.

    This morning – tied down everything we piled up and did another look around. Then I bought cauliflower.

    My wife is experimenting with the cauliflower pizza dough recipe for lunch – should be interesting.

    TNT Man

    • TNT Man,

      More cleaning today…have a little helper to finish things I never thought I would start! LOL!

      Stay safe…that is crazy…just watching pictures…something we just don’t experience out here..I’m not complaining! I am thinking of you and hoping for it to pass you by without too much damage.

      I am off to Farmer’s Market…was thinking about getting Cauliflower too!

      Enjoy that pizza!


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