Posted by: baseballmom024 | August 20, 2011

Where Did All That Come From?

WOW!  Really now…where did all my energy come from today?  After yesterday waking at 1:25 am and being dead tired all day…I guess I got an awesome amount of sleep finally…woke up today…did my RT all the way through without even thinking about cutting it short (like I usually d0) 😦

Then………..right to the treadmill for 3 miles of intervals running between 8 mph down to 4 mph!  Again, I never feel like going more than 2 miles….but just felt right!

Finally, my hubby got home from work and had wanted to go check out some topographical map and wanted to ride his bike so off we went…less than a mile into the ride I was ready to turn around..the wind was so strong it was pushing me to the side…he told me to just shift down and keep going…I kept going just thinking of the great ride home I would have….I made it and ended up with 11 miles!

Now I am tired as I sit here waiting for my homemade pizza to cook…homemade ww crust…turkey pepperoni, spinach and red onions with fresh tomato’s on top after it comes out of the oven!!  Maybe even a fat free, sugar free frozen yogurt for dessert!




  1. Sounds like a great ride and a super pizza. We work hard so we can enjoy the simple pleasure of life – you’ve found the formula – enjoy.

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man! I think I have learned from the best!!!!


  2. Sometimes the hardest part of doing anything is the initial step of starting. It is amazing how our mind wants to tell us to stop long before our body is ready to.

    • SWF,

      Absolutely…I know I do that way too much! Will have to try and stop myself from setting limits!

      Thanks for your input!


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