Posted by: baseballmom024 | July 23, 2011

The End is Here!

WOW!  Here we are at the end of yet another 52DC….my numbers are horrible…I hated posting them…but I am not a quitter and will not hide from them (although I should…lol).

This challenge was very tough on me…I was gone much more than I ever anticipated….the vacation was not excuse…the hotel had an exercise room…I just never visited it….just didn’t have the motivation to muster up the strength after sitting outside at baseball in humidity I am not use to…but that is all an excuse.  I now really see how precious my time is and how I need to get re-focused and just do it!

I have already started meeting up with Jillian again….ugh!  Not fun but necessary!  She has not time nor patience for procrastination…so with that said……I have one more trip to take at this time for yet another awesome baseball event…and then will be back here for the next 52DC…and oh how I better do much better than I did this time!

Life goes on….you can’t look in the past but must look forward…. SixGz’s I will be ready for the next round….sorry for such a poor performance this time…don’t expect it again!  😉

Until next time…..this one is in the books!



  1. You exercise to be able to enjoy life – not the other way around. No need for guilt – you and your family benefited from your time away from structured exercise.

    Enjoy the summer.
    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man, you always have a way of getting me back in line! Appreciate your support!


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