Posted by: baseballmom024 | July 9, 2011

Atlanta, GA ….really need a workout!

Here I am in Atlanta, GA at a huge baseball event….180+ teams here for a week of baseball.  The weather is warm but not the same kind of warm as home…it’s not as hot as it get’s at home…there is humidity which we don’t have…but it really isn’t bad…however, after sitting out at a game for 2+ hours…the last thing I want to do is workout…I feel like I did sweat away a few pounds today.

My son did unbelieveably well…he pitched 5 innings, 7 strikeouts, hit 92 on radar…gave up 1 walk and a couple hits…he only threw 65 pitches and could have gone on…but his head hurt so bad he thought he was going to throw up.  Many, many pro scouts in attendance…he pitched against an ace from Florida whom is projected to be a top draft pick next year….and we won!  3-1!  Sure makes for a fun day!

Now…my eating has been ok…not many cheats…just need to find the motivation to get to the exercise room for a run or a ride…just not finding that at this point and my numbers show…just want to hang with the family as I feel drained!

Still here…still fighting…just not as strong!



  1. Family is way more important than hitting your numbers. These are times that will be memories forever. Enjoy them and cheer on your son. Forget the rest.

    My son got his Masters out of the University of GA in Athens and his law degree out of Emory and my daughter worked for TNT, CNN and other related cable networks so we have spent a lot of time in that area. Hot. Nothing else to be said.

    Have a great time – cheer on your son.

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man…I totally agree about family but still feel guilty about my numbers!

      We drove downtown Atlanta tonight and saw Emory and CNN. We were in Nashville Thursday night and really like that area much better…lol! Headed downtown to check out the Varsity as I had read about it…may score a cheat there later in the week.

      It has been hot but not unbearable!

      Thanks again, and you can bet I will be cheering my son on more than ever!


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