Posted by: baseballmom024 | June 29, 2011

Where has the Time Gone!

WOW! Can’t believe we are at the halfway point for the 52 dc.  I am still fighting to keep the motivation I need…I hadn’t stepped on the scale since the end of the last challenge…decided to this morning….not bad but not where I want to be!  I have been getting bored with my lifting routine…well maybe not really bored but hate lunges…lol!  This challenge has been tough and has flown by….I am not where I want to be and know that I will not end where I want to end..but I am not quitting!

I do realize my biking goal and running goal are next to impossible to meet but one mile at a time I will continue to pick away at it!  I have decided once I return from vacation….Jillian Michaels and I will begin to meet again…this break from her has not been good…I love the results I got while doing her workouts….it’s time to get serious…after vacation!  🙂

I am here till the end….the days just keep flying by and I am catching as many pullups, pushups…and miles as I can!



  1. The funny part about your post – most people would be thrilled to be where you are. Enjoy the 4th – Enjoy your vacation – you’ve earned the right to relax without guilt.

    TNT Man

  2. Thanks TNT Man! Funny how those things happen…I really appreciate all your support! You have a wonderful 4th also!!!


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