Posted by: baseballmom024 | April 10, 2011

What a Week!

This has been one incredible week!  Last Saturday night we flew out and landed in Phoenix, AZ at 10:30 pm….we spent the next day and a half meeting with the ASU baseball coaches, touring the campus, meeting with the academic advisor, watching the ASU baseball team….so much going through my head as my son works his way to making one of his biggest decisions in his life yet…where to go to college to play baseball!  We have toured other campuses, met with many coaches….but he has never been more comfortable than he was at ASU… things got finalized…Wednesday he made his verbal commitment to attend ASU and play baseball starting in 2013.  Dreams really do come true… The tough part for all of us was having him call some of the other colleges he had grown very close to and let them know his decision….at 17 that is tough…he ended one call and said how he felt like a jerk…you could hear the disappointment in the coaches voice….hey…that’s part of their job….so tough for a 17 year old to have that weighing so heavily on him….at the same time when he is so excited to have made the decision to go to ASU….he made some coaches day and ruined others….just part of life.

Tonight….I watched as he and his girlfriend headed out to the Jr. Prom….how did my little boy get so big….they looked absolutely stunning together….what a wonderful grown man he has become!

Sitting back after they left looking at my daughter….someday soon it will be her….where does the time go?

Enjoy it all…..these are moments you dream about…not realizing how fast they come true!



  1. BBM:

    WOW! That at 17, he was able to get on the phone and tell the other coaches his decision is amazing. So many “mature adults” would text or email the information – just so they do not have to do actually touch the other person. You are raising one hell of a young man – congrats.

    TNT Man

    • Thanks TNT Man. Oh yes, he had talked to these coaches for many many months… and had formed a very close relationship….it was very tough to have to tell them he had made a decision and it wasn’t to go to their schools….it was tough on all of us…we had met them and really knew they cared. You are right…the easy way out would have been to email or text. He will face them in years to come and can walk through the line and shake their hands looking them in the eyes knowing he did what was right.

      It’s hard to be a 17 year old…right? LOL! You probably know better than me…you have been there not only as a young man yourself but you have raised your own kids…now working on the grandkids…right?

      Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot!


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