Posted by: baseballmom024 | April 1, 2011

Feeling Good!

Got up this morning after not sleeping all that well and decided I need to get a few miles on the treadmill…falling behind….got a good 3.5 mile run in…could have ran more but had a 17 year old needing me to fix him bagels…yes bagels!  He can afford them…wish I could!

Been working around the house..baking, cleaning and doing laundry all day…gonna head out to order a corsage with my son for his Jr. Prom…and then a bike ride awaits me with my hubby upon my return!  Beautiful day…sunny and 80…feeling good!

Oh and no Jillian today….met up with her last night and my legs can’t take her, a run and a bike ride….so she get’s the day off!  🙂



  1. It reached a high of 39 today – 😦

    Jr Prom – corsage – what could be sweeter and more memorable

    Enjoy the moment
    TNT Man

    • Oh Tnt Man….your heat will come soon enough….right??? 🙂

      Oh yes, if you knew my son…lol! Never says anything…was a nice mom and son moment!


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