Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 28, 2011

Trying to get motivated!

Got another nice ride in yesterday…a bit windy but needed to get some miles….got one in this morning..much nicer ride….little wind and very pleasant outside… just trying to get motivated to join Jillian for a workout… gets harder and harder to find the motivation to workout with her!  The latest dvd, Get Ripped in 30 is killer!  I am on week 3 which means another new workout and I am afraid of what that will entail!  It’s amazing how her 20 minute workouts leave me dieing and soaking wet!

Spent the day shopping with my daughter…then made some homemade granola so really need to get up and get that workout in!!!!  Off I go!



  1. Go Get It BB Mom!

    We have a Jillian CD although purchasing it is as far as Mother and daughter have gotten with it. making a suggestion is a very delicate task!

    I love a workout that leaves me in a heap. Sounds like Jillian is doing her job!


  2. Hum….which one do you have? I have 4….this one is by far the toughest…haven’t tried the Trouble Zone one yet….but you really can’t ask for a better 20 minute workout…it works!

    Yes…a workout that leaves me in a heap….definately a good one!

  3. Motivation is always a tough one. I’ve come to believe that I don’t need to feel “UP” – I just got to get out of bed and do it – sometimes its a great workout and sometimes it isn’t – but it got done.

    Today was my first day back at the gym – took it easy and constantly expected something terrible to happen. 😦

    Think how happy you will be in a couple of weeks when you put on your bathing suit.

    TNT Man

    • Oh TNT Man I hear you…..somedays are definately better than others…getting it done is what counts I guess….keep it going!

      Hope the gym was good to you…bet you are glad to be back!

      Yes…can’t wait to put on that!


  4. Hey Baseball Mom – These early spring miles are tough ones to get. Congrats on getting out there. A bit windy here too, finally dragged myself out also. A willing family member to ride with is a good thing.

    We’ll get it, lots of warm spring days ahead.


  5. Motivation is like a bath, we need it every day. …
    I keep old pictures around, which help as well as knowing that I have more stamina and strength than the 18 year old young man living in this house….
    I survived the hour long Bob Harper Cardio, “Make you sweat and your heart feel like it’s going to jump out of your skin while he doesn’t let you take any breaks” DVD this morning……..Wow tough stuff but I can honestly say that him pushing me, even though it’s on a video, works..I would never push myself that hard if I was alone.
    A buddy put his old P90X DVD’s in the mail to me yesterday, now that will be interesting.

    Keep up the great work

    • WOW SWF, that sounds like one incredible workout…an hour…you must have felt awesome! Good for you showing up that 18 year old living in your house…awesome roll model you are!

      My brother has the P90X DVD’s, I know they worked for him…my hubby is thinking about getting them…..let me know what you think of it!


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