Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 24, 2011


Yes!  Finally….got out for a ride….no it was not easy….two factors…haven’t ridden in awhile so that was part of it but the WIND OMG!  It was crazy…..the wind was so strong I could hardly pedal….but on the way back….loving life…wind at my back!  12 sweet miles…..yippee, finally got a few….more rain coming so had to try and get some when I could!!

Who knows when the next miles will come…..time will tell!





  1. Woot! I was thinking of you today on my long 41 mile ride home along the beach. Thankfully, the wind was at my back most of the way. It was a beautiful day out. Glad you could get out and ride yourself.

    • Thanks Sirrandall…it’s been frustrating…so much rain…I done already! A small break in the weather yesterday and I had to jump on…it was tough but worth it! I am so jealous of you and your rides!


  2. Nice Ride – It is SNOWING here. -sigh-

    Keep on peddling.
    TNT Man

    • Snow…rain???? Hum…guess I better stick with the rain…you don’t want to see me on the road with snow…lol!

      Take care of yourself! I will try to get some pedals in for your 15,000 insane challenge! 🙂


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