Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 25, 2011

It is What it is!

Well, today is the last day of the challenge!  I am done…completed my last Jillian workout this morning and my last 2 miles of running!  Biking just didn’t make it this time around….I kind of knew going into this that that would definately be stretch for me…but no one ever said challenges were easy…right?  The word says it all!  I actually ended up with more than I thought I would…not enough day light and too much winter type weather seemed to keep me off my bike!  I am ready for the next round!

I have to say….I was debating this morning on whether to step on the scale or not…I did…Woo Hoo…I lost another 1/2 lb this week.  The scale needs to drop less than a pound and I will definately be at my lowest weight since I was sick with pneumonia a couple of years ago!  I can’t believe it!  I feel great and am happy with how my body is transforming!

Now, the real test…can I keep those sweets at moderation over the break…of course!  🙂

Thank you again to my dear friend SixGz’s for coming up with our crazy little challenges that make me keep moving!!!!  I hope there will be another one!



  1. Well Done & Done Well. You put so much effort into these Challenges – I am thrilled that you have gotten out of this one with positive results – I guess Jillian was worth the effort.

    Enjoy the Break – I know that I will.
    TNT Man

  2. Thanks TNT Man! It was a pleasant surprise!!! Jillian gets tougher knowing what is coming! LOL!

    Will definately enjoy a little break!

  3. Spectacular finish BB Mom, you never fail to impress everyone on the forum.

    Great job on the weight, and bonus, you didn’t have to work through an illness to get there!

    Now, you and I share a similar weakness in staying out of the cookie jar! I do have a sweet tooth. It would probably do both of us good if we just packed the jar away or quit filling the darn thing in the first place would be a help!

    Enjoy the break, maybe use it to catch up with the biking. I’ll bet CA is beautiful right now.

    Be well,


  4. Baseball Mom – You more than walk the talk, you run and bike it too. Congratulations, and I have to tell you, the toughest part must be those pullups!

    You are doing so very well, all of us can learn from you. How to manage time, people and drive… you have this figured out. Please send some mojo my way.

    As for the biking, we’ll get it next time but you made the best of what you had to work with.

    And yes, there will be a next time. right?

    Best wishes for a great break, enjoy, you deserve one!


    • SizG’s,

      I learned from the best….yes…look in the mirror…that would be YOU! As for having this all figured out…hummm…thanks….I think it constantly changes!

      I am sending much mojo and sunshine your way. Thank you for always keeping these challenges interesting and being the backbone of them all!

      I am definately in need of a next time….time management will be put into full swing for sure with baseball season and volleyball season but I am ready!!!!

      Hope you enjoy your break too…give that knee a rest!


  5. Capt:

    Thanks! Your motivation has always helped! As for the cookie jar…my teenagers would be upset if I stopped filling it…just wish i could fill it and forget it was there…getting better at that….but then again, a cookie does a person good every once in a while..right?

    Looking forward to the break and a few miles!

    Thanks for all the support!


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