Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 13, 2011

Little By Little or is it too Little too late?

Got up this morning to a beautiful sunny day!  Headed out for a bike ride….too bad I couldn’t just ride all day….did get 15.3 miles in so that gives me 26.3 in the last two days….hopefully a few more tomorrow…then the rain is headed in and life gets too hectic for any rides during the week!  Little by little….it definately is a long shot for me to make the 250 miles…I knew it when i set out on this journey….I just know to never stop trying….will it be too little too late….I’m learning towards that….in the meantime…I will enjoy the ride!




  1. We know that it is not the goal it is the journey. Keep on peddling and enjoy the day.
    TNT Man

  2. Thanks TNT Man! You always know what to say to keep me thinking straight! Really think that book is a great idea for you! 🙂


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