Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 6, 2011

What a Great Day!

Gotta love the weekend!  Slept in….hit the road for a bike ride…didn’t have too much time as hubby plays on a “old man” basketball league and had a game….so got 11 miles on the bike….then got a 2 mile run in ….. could not believe it…we hit 77 degrees. today…sunny and gorgeous…is it really Feb. 5????  Feels like Spring…

My daughter loves Starbucks so that was a stop on today’s agenda….when we got to the window at the drive thru we were told the car in front had paid for our order…WOW!  In today’s day and age that was a nice we paid for the person behind us…..not sure if they continued the string but sure makes you feel good!  We did it a few years ago too around the holidays…definately warms your heart!

Hubby and I ended up kidless tonight after having 10 guys and gals in the backyard this evening for a basketball game…we headed out for dinner….craving pizza, no cheat here…had a 7 grain pizza crust with salsa, cherry tomatos, broccoli, onions, and spinach with a side salad….only ate half of my individual pizza and feel great!  Awaiting the return of a house full of teenage boys to spend the night…they are out bowling right now!

Tomorrow should be another sunny day..hoping for a ride before the Superbowl!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful family day – We have spring like weather here as well – above freezing – actually 35 this morning. 😉

    TNT Man

  2. TNT Man,

    LOL! 35…sounds chilling!!!!


  3. A house full of kids playing, I remember those days, they pass by all to quick. I was saying to my wife the other night that I couldn’t remember the last time that I had pizza, even a healthy one.

    Enjoy the game…and the commercials

  4. SWF,

    Yes, it does pass quickly, can’t believe I have a 17 year old and a 14 year time flies!!!!

    Pizza is one of my families favorite foods….it was nice to find a healthy one!!!

    Yes, the commercials…they are the best…lol!

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