Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 4, 2011

Terrible Week!

I am so glad that week is gone….hopefully soon forgotten!  Very stressful…headache all week….why is it that upper management likes to make changes but has no idea how it effects those who use it????  I have yet to beable to grasp that concept….let’s make changes…never test them and there you go!  Ugh!  Enough said!

I did log some running miles which made me feel better…had my Jillian workouts…the best one was Wednesday after I had gotten home from being in a meeting all day..head was killing me…but had to do it….that workout felt like the best workout I have had in some time…I guess the high stress levels were being worked off!

Today being Friday and not working on Friday’s…it has been a great day!  Banana bread made….cookies made….house cleaned up…workouts done!  What more could I ask for!  Basketball tonight!

Looking forward to a better week ahead!



  1. Nothing wrong with the best part of your week being our workout. I can relate completely. Friday it is. Enjoy the basketball game and the rest of the weekend. You earned it.

    TNT Man

  2. Stress relief feels great!

    No stress this weekend…I hope…lol!

  3. Friday off, a basketball game where you were able to enjoy watching your son dominate,…and did I see in you post today that you were expecting 73 degrees and beautiful sunshine! I would call that a spectacular weekend!

    We are enjoying our umpteenth snowstorm of the year tonight, good mixed bag too! When we wake up in the AM I expect we will have 40″ of standing snow on my front lawn! We still have the first flake that hit the grass back in December lying at the bottom of the blanket!

    California is looking real good to Mother and I right now!

    Be well, enjoy that weather.


  4. Capt’n,

    Definately a better weekend than week! As for basketball…what a nail biter….cross town rival…we won with 2 sec. to spare with a 30 ft. 3 point shot while being covered by 3 players….incredible! My son had a great game…11 points…hit 3 3 pointers.

    Now for the weather actually hit 77 today…can you believe that? It’s Feb. 5…WOW! Huge basketball game in my backyard this afternoon and evening!!!!

    I sure hope you love that snow…I love looking at it but not living in it…been way too long!

    You will be getting some great CT’s and RT’s, that’s for sure!

    Be safe!


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