Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 21, 2011

Don’t Sweat the Little Things….

I am known to be a “worrier”.  However, it seems the older I get and some experiences that cross my path…I am learning to not sweat the little things.

I have a very good friend who happens to be my neighbor, a few years younger than I am who recently was lead to believe she had breast cancer by a nurse practicioner…….going back and forth with her for a few days until she went back to the Dr. to find out for sure….this was painful…..I can only imagine how stressful it was on her and her family…it sure was on me….brought back the memories of my mother in laws two bouts with breast cancer and my mother’s one….today we found out she is in the clear….no cancer….I think the last couple days with her have aged me…but also made me realize more and more….life is what you make of it…and you just can’t sweat the little things…..some little things have consumed my life in the past….moving forward things will change!



  1. Hey Baseball Mom,

    Had to stop in and say hi! Nice work on the 52DC and this blog too. Glad to read your friend received good news.

    We all need to remember to savor the good moments, right?

    Take care and keep running… it’s fun right?


  2. Thanks SixGz’s! You are so right on savoring the good moments….as for the running being fun….I think you know me well enough to know my answer! LOL!

    Thanks for all the motivation! You are an incredible role model! 🙂

  3. Situations like that put everything in perspective. It would be nice if our biggest concern was a hang nail.

    Enjoy the good times.
    TNT Man

  4. Tnt Man,

    You are so right….just have to try and remember that each and every day!

    Live life like there is no tomorrow…right?!?!

    Thanks for helping put things in perspective, always!


  5. There are few things worse than waiting, especially on the health front…My Father has had his bouts with Prostrate Cancer and every PSA test we hold our breath. My wife has had her struggles with breast cancer and every Mammogram we hold our breath and I’m still on the 3 month cycle of getting tested for my recent bout……and as logical as I am and I know that there’s really not much more that I can do beyond having a positive attitude I still worry.
    Life’s a journey not a destination….we have to enjoy it……

  6. SWF,

    I hear you…been through it with my mom, mother in law more than once and had my own scare….remaining strong and positive is the best way to be.

    I will hold good thought for you and your family!

    Definately need to enjoy each day!

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