Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 10, 2011

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr….what a ride!

Yep ….I had to get out and get the pedals moving today….the sun did come out and really tricked me into thinking it was warm out…it definately was not!  Think it was probably 42 but out we went on our bikes…we had several errands to of which was to stop at REI to get me a new headband to cover my ears as I somehow misplaced mine and had  been wearing my hubbies…. so REI being our last stop we were very cold.  Both my hubby and I ended up getting some nice warm, big riding gloves…I also got my headband and some wool socks!   Expensive bike ride…lol!  But these items will definately payoff over the next several  weeks as I will be riding in the cold to try and get my 250 miles.

Ended up with 16 miles …. yippee!!!!  That’s a start!  😉



  1. 42 – is warm. Could not ride a bike here – the snow and ice are everywhere. 15-25 this morning. 30 maybe a high for the day. Grass is always greener – or the weather warmer.


    TNT Man

  2. One of the guys I’m traveling with this week is an avid cyclist and since I’m considering buying a bike I’ve been asking him lots of questions. And it seems like it’s not an inexpensive hobby – he told me most people buy their first bike and then 6 or 7 months later they buy the bike that they should of bought and then all of the accessories you apparently must have LOL…but living in Florida I should take advantage of the beautiful weather.

    • Yes, biking can get expensive…my hubby is the one who always wants the new expensive bike, and all the gadget…..his newest gadget was a solar charger that goes on his bike so he can take trips and charge is ipod and cell phone! I’m easy, I just like to ride, don’t need all the extra’s….well the warm clothing is a must! 🙂

  3. I thought of you as I rode 33.5 miles yesterday. I only had arm warmers to keep me warm. Baggie shorts, a cycling jersey and no gloves is not a lot of fun in 58 degree weather with 10 mph winds. I had to thaw out when I got to work. Layers are your friend.

    • Sir Randall,

      I am so jealous! I may need some of your miles very soon! LOL! I am hoping to get some miles this weekend, should be 58 here. You sound like my hubby, he is crazy in his shorts! He does wear gloves tho’. Definately wear layers!

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