Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 5, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!!!! :)

The time has come for yet another  challenge….I am ready…I need to get back to a little more structure….actually I have done fine on the workout side…it is all the treats that keep calling my name!

This challenge will be exactly that….another side challenge with SixGz’s will keep me moving….how he came up the name Triple Treat…I’m not sure…when I think of “treat” I definately don’t think of running, biking and pullups!  Maybe that is my problem…I should think of those things as a treat…in any event….75 running miles of which most will take place on my treadmill…250 biking miles…this will be tough with the weather and my crazy life…but I am definately up for the challenge…and 750 pullups…my shoulders will be screaming!

I just keep reminding myself…Make it fun…get out there and have some fun!
So with that said….make it count and have some fun!





  1. Now get Jillian Michaels to do the Triple Treat – Bet she can’t.

    TNT Man

  2. BB Mom, You could beat Jillian Michaels in a Triple Treat! My money would be on you!

    I know what you mean about the treats calling your name, they know your weaknesses, I could hear the last Raspberry Godiva Chocolate in the bottom of the bag – inside another bag – calling to me from three rooms away! Yes Mam!

    Son beat me too it, saved my life! Again!

    Have a great challenge.


  3. TNT Man,

    She is one tough cookie…I think she could do anything she set her mind too…lol! Not sure I want to cross her path any other way then on the tv…lol!


    Thanks for your vote of confidence….now I really have some big boots to fill!

    Oh Godiva chocolates…yep, had a box her from a client…thank goodness for kids right? Mine ate most of them when I was working…lol!

    Thank goodness they are gone for now!


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