Posted by: baseballmom024 | December 7, 2010

Morning Workouts!

Well, I decided that during the break from 52 DC, I would do Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred.  I have had it for close to a year and not really done it more than a couple of times.  I love Jillian, I think she is an awesome trainer…so I began…today was day 3 of getting up in the morning and doing the workout…it is just 20 minutes so why not do it in the morning.

This morning was a test of my dedication to really trying to make a change…I am not feeling the best and thought about just staying in bed rather than dong the workout…nope…out I jumped and onto the workout…I am so glad I did it…I can’t let myself get in the rut of oh maybe today, no not today.

I definately am not a morning workout person…but after getting home from work at night I am so happy I got up and worked out in the morning…because these last couple of nights…it wouldn’t have happened.

Hopefully I can keep this going until Christmas and beyond…I am confident I will see the results I am looking for.



  1. Of course you will see the results you are looking for – because you are the person with tremdous focus and will go after it. Enjoy this new challenge.

    May you and yours have a Joyous Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    TNT Man

  2. Thanks TNT Man! It support from people like you that keep me going!!! You are a true leader and one I look up to!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours too…love this time of year!

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