Posted by: baseballmom024 | November 28, 2010


What a day!!!!  Started out with ww blueberry pancakes…then off to my son’s first basketball scrimmage…he got elbowed in the face right at the end of the game and was out cold for a short time…everything ok!  Then home to celebrate his 17th bday a week early as he will be out of town for 4 days with the basketball team and one of those days is his bday…so needless to say I blew a CE big time!  Had everyone over for pizza and homemade ice cream cake….oh it was sooo good but I know it was so bad for me!!!

After all the celebrations…my daughter wanted to shop…so she and I shopped for 3 hours hitting every store we could think of…getting home at 8:40 I knew I had to run….so up on the treadmill I went…ok I will do 2 miles….no 3 miles…4 miles….4.5 miles….still didn’t burn off my cheat but it did feel great!  I think the sugar in the ice cream cake gave me way toooooo much energy!  🙂

No dinner, just a black ice tea from Starbucks while shopping!  LOL!

Great day…basketball, family, friends, pizza, ice cream cake, shopping and exercise….what more could I ask for????



  1. Great day. I thought your son was Baseball – now Basketball – wow. Never ending.

    I would rather chew my right arm off than go shopping with my daughter.

    Enjoy the Day.
    TNT Man

  2. Hey Baseball Mom – That was a some day, and then 4.5 mile on the TM!! Yikes! You are a machine.

    The FAB FOUR proved to be no match for you, but I knew that would happen.

    Happy Bday to your son, I can only imagine how you felt when he was out. Glad he is OK.

    Have a great rest of the challenge, and lead on!


  3. Tnt Man,

    Yes, never ending, but wouldn’t have it any other way…I think this may be the last year for basketball.

    What a man who doesn’t like to go shopping? LOL! I know several just like you!



  4. SixGz’s,

    I learned from the best…YOU!! You are the true machine! As for the FAB Four being no challenge….that is not true…this has kept me moving like never before!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I’m not sure how he has gotten so grown up….can I stop him????

    You continue to lead the way and I will follow!


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