Posted by: baseballmom024 | September 24, 2010

Another One in the Bag…and out the Door!

WOW!  Another challenge coming to a very rapid end!  I have to admit…these really are fun…yes, I know I did say fun!  They definately keep me moving….this has been one of the best yet!  I have come to enjoy the weight lifting plan I am doing and biking always puts a smile on my face…running…that’s another story!!!

I was hoping to get a few more miles in today, but after doing my Rt this morning….my legs are dead…I think this may be the first time in any challenge that my legs just can’t do anymore… unless I get some great second wind…my miles will end at 220 REM.

Tomorrow morning I am out the door to relax on the Oregon Coast….can’t wait…sooooooooooo looking forward to some time away with the family….as the kids get older, less time gets spent together so this will be some great family time.  I am taking my bike..who knows…may hit the coast line for a few miles…I know there will be jogs on the beach and am really considering taking my weights….now that is a change…never have I done that before on vacation.

Ok…thank you to all who have supported me in this challenge!  SixGz’s can’t wait to see what the next challenge will bring….you are awesome!




  1. Hey Tiny:

    Challenge well done – actually fantastic.

    I think SixGz is going to have to pull back on the running or end up in surgery faster than he wants, so you might have some relief.

    The next challenge hosts are: wc17, TommylandNYC and testpilotgg. Capt DHD and I are taking a breather. I will still do the FAQs.

    Enjoy the time with the family – eventually one moves to the other side of the country with your grandchild – 😦

    Relax – you earned it.
    TNT Man

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