Posted by: baseballmom024 | June 2, 2010


Ok so who ordered the wind???  SixGz’s was that you?  Trying to slow me down…wow!!!  It has been awhile since I have pedaled in such a low gear and felt like I wasn’t making any headway….I did make it tho’…just when I felt like giving hubby reminded me we were almost to our destination and on the way home we would have the wind at our back!  He was right! So glad I have him to share my rides with!  The ride back home was awesome…I could ride like that forever…except for the bee’s swarming us in one area…I swear there must have been 500 bees.  I think maybe a bee hive had been being transported somewhere and had been dropped!  I pedaled like I have never pedaled before! 🙂

All in all…great ride…just 11.4 miles but felt great!



  1. BBM – Are you calling me? Not my fault this time!

    Nice ride, way to stay with it. I’m must admit the weather has been hot here but beautiful for riding. Cycling partners help too!

    Bees? Wow, not here but I did see what I think was a lowflying eagle on Sunday, or the biggest hawk I’ve ever noticed. Getting outside is plain good stuff.

    Your progress on this challenge is awesome. I’m feeling the pullups, but do like the T pushups.

    On to Week 2, how much more fun can we enjoy?

    • Absolutely SixGz’s! For once it’s not your fault…hum!!!

      Thanks for the words of encouragement…yep..pullups are getting my elbow again..but do love the T pushups…something different!

      Still looking for all that fun you keep promising! 😉 Woo hoo…here we go!

  2. New meaning to the phrase “wind at my back.”

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