Posted by: baseballmom024 | May 31, 2010

Already Blew 2CE’s

WOW!  Here we are not even finished with the first week of the challenge and I have already blown 2 CE’s.  Definately not what I like to see….the movies always get me……

I had not planned to blow one yesterday, however, my son’s girlfriends family invited us to a bbq and I did ok until a piece of apple pie was handed to me….I really didn’t need it or want it..but felt it would be rude to not accept so I did.  This is the first time we have been over for a bbq and there was a large group of mostly family.  Had an awesome time and they have already invited us back for the next event over 4th of July…lol!

I did get up this morning and get an RT in followed by a little 3.1 mile run, mostly intervals.  No bike ride today..kind of lazy after 3 days of riding plus the wind has really set in.

Off to the end of the year baseball banquet now…I will not be blowing another CE!!!



  1. No question that the end of the season parties can really hit you hard – especially when you are trying to be “nice” to the other family and not embarass you son. LOL Been there and done that. – Still managed to embarass the kids no matter what I did.

    Enjoy these days – they come to an end way to quickly.

    TNT Man

    • I try hard not to embarass the kids especially now that they are teenagers….lol! I remember those days….my mom still has a way of embarrassng me! 🙂

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