Posted by: baseballmom024 | April 30, 2010

Where Does the Time Go!

I really am feeling bad this time around…haven’t been updating my blog and haven’t been as active in the challenge as I have in the past..or I would have liked to have been.

Seems that every day comes and goes before I really know what has happened!  Been very tough getting workouts in..most taking place around 9:30 pm….

This time of year just gets me everytime!  My daughter is playing volleyball for her middle school and my son is playing baseball for his high school..both have games on Tuesdays and Thursdays…have only made it to one volleyball game because they play so early…and of course I have to work!  By the time everyone is home and dinner is made..dishes..etc…it is 9 pm and I still need to get workouts in!

I have really slacked off on my RT’s too which I am not happy about…there are two reasons!  The first being I love the BBOE but the plans that I keep choosing to do are so time intensive…takes me an hour to complete…secondly…with so many biking and running miles to accomplish…lol!  I have channeled more energy that way…not the best but at least I have been working out!

Anyway, another challenge almost over and will be time to plan for yet another…planning is what keeps me going!

Thanks for all the support, everyone in these challenges keeps me going!



  1. Your numbers on the challenge have been looking great. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve been doing the BBOE Ultimate Fat Loss and the workouts do take almost an hour to get through at the gym.

  2. Thanks Exsanguinator! Your numbers are great too! It’s tough to find time for an hour workout but we do the best we can!

  3. Just pace yourself and get in what you can. I just started waking up before work to exercise since the “after children’s bedtime” thing hasn’t been working out for me very well. You can always try the old Spartacus workout. It’ll kick your butt and doesn’t take an hour to complete.

  4. THanks Yabby! I tried morning workouts and they seem to be extra tough on me! You know…I have been considering the Spartacus next time around!!! I know it will kick my booty!

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