Posted by: baseballmom024 | April 6, 2010

Where Did that Energy Come From??

This morning as I got out of bed, I was dreading the and hubby off from school so of course it is just me having to get up and around!  Work was crazy!  My partner was off today so I was fielding everything!  I did get the ok to leave at noon!  Was a bit run down but the sun was shining and I wanted to get a bike ride in…first had to take kids for passport photo’s and submit applications!  Done! Off to In and Out Burger for a protein style fries…that was tough but did it!

Now back home..a light shower outside but sun still shining..hubby and I off on a bike ride which included a few errands…ended up doing 14 miles…felt great and still felt like I had some energy.  Did my Bikini workout…hate this workout..too many lunges…squats…ugh…but felt good tonight for some reason!  Stuck the ham in the oven (ate too many scones, and coffee cake yesterday so didn’t ever cook the ham) and jumped on the treadmill….just a quick 2.5 miles all done in HIIT with some running spurts at 8 mph near the end…could have ran a bit longer but needed to get the rest of dinner ready!

Now, where did all this energy come from????  I have no idea..I haven’t felt this good in a month…maybe these crappy allergies are finally leaving me a lone..still have a little cough but feel so much better!  Really felt great to get these workouts in today…I really needed this extra lift.  Now…I may not be able to get out of my bed tomorrow but that will be another story!!!

Off to bed!



  1. Great Day! In and Out is my son-in-law’s favorite burger joint. He did not know there was a secret menu where you could order a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of on a roll. But – he is thin as a rail – so he does not need to know. It is a shame that this place is not on the east coast.

    TNT Man

  2. It’s always tough with work and the kids. Some days I wish I could just come home from work and exercise right away….others I wish I could just come home from work and sit down.

    I have to say, that is very impressive…getting in the biking and running. keep it up.


  3. BBM, nice work! Maybe it was your allergies leaving you alone or it could be that you got a lift from the nice weather….

  4. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Jags…I have been lucky with my allergies this past week! Of course we have had April showers on and off!

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