Posted by: baseballmom024 | April 4, 2010

Family Time!

It’s been a while since I have updated my blog and even a few days since I have posted for the challenge.  This is not like me…however, I have had some great family time.  Been busy working my tail off and keeping up with the kids.

I am hosting Easter Brunch tomorrow…and wasn’t up to it..but brother lives over an hour away, sister gone to Tahoe to her I am the only one left here and can’t leave my parents at home.  So for the last 3 hours my daughter and I have been in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee cakes….tomorrow morning we will be making a hashbrown omelette which is my dad’s favorite and also a crustless broccoli and cheddar quiche for the tnt hubby.  Yes, a cheat will be in line for me…there will only be 7 of us including my son’s girlfriend…we have enough food for an army. But when we host we host!!!  My dad loves all the things I bake and my mom just doesn’t do it a lot of it is for him.

I have been keeping up with my workouts…not getting as many running miles in as I wish but I am still here and making every minute count.

My daughter went for a jog/run with me last weekend which was priceless!

Have a wonderful Easter and hope the Easter Bunny is good to all!



  1. All that we do is of no meaning without family to share it with. Enjoy your Easter with your family.

    TNT Man

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