Posted by: baseballmom024 | March 20, 2010


Ok….I did not plan on blowing a CE the day before my birthday…grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

In laws were in town today and wanted to take me out for my birthday a day early…went to dinner..did great!  Ate clean..until father in law insisted on buying me a drink…a strawberry could I say no…and that was not the end…then came the clapping and singing as they delivered me my own warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream..whip cream and chocolate sauce….so there goes a cheat.  I am not a good one at saying no…

At least I did get a 15 mile bike ride in this morning and am looking forward to a nice long ride tomorrow…of course my daughter already has a cake made so another cheat will be on the books!  😦

I must really be out of shape…taking two weeks off from lifting obviously was not good…my legs and butt are killing me today after yesterday’s workout….I can tell I am in for some fun tomorrow!



  1. Happy Birthday to you! In my experience NEVER say no to the in-laws. Birthdays are definitely worth a cheat. Glad you are having so much fun on your birthday weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday BBM! You can enjoy the cake on behalf of us all.

  3. Happy birthday, and a nice long bike ride and some time with family sounds like a great way to spend it!

  4. Happy Birthday BaseballMom – don’t feel guilty for your celebration cheats – it only happens once a year! Enjoy

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