Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 28, 2010

Another Challenge Behind Me!

Well…I finished yet another challenge!  I definately followed what I had learned in previous challenges…get ahead when you can!  The last couple weeks have been tough on me or on my body…think I have a pinched nerve in my back which was giving me great pain in my back, chest and down my arm.  It has gotten better but still there….I have eased off the lifting…think I may have lifted too much one day!

All in all I am happy with my results!  The running and riding are always fun!!!!  Completed the Lose the Last 10 lbs. in the BBOE…of course I didn’t lose 10 about 1 lb…oh well…my body is definately more toned which makes me happy!  I just have to get the scale out of my mind cuz it never makes me happy!

I’m looking forward to a little break and wonder what the next challenge will hold???  SixGz’s any idea’s???  Just remember I am not a machine like you!  🙂



  1. Congratz on another strong and successful finish BBM. We’ll be seeing you in the next challenge!

  2. You always set one hell of an example. I am not a big believer in Fat Loss workouts. Sew my mouth closed – would be a better one.

    Enjoy the intersession. Only two weeks to the starting line.

    TNT Man

  3. Hey BBM! Congrats on finishing another challenge. Thanks for reading my blogs. I look forward to continue reading yours when the spring challenge starts.

    Hope all your aches and pains go away in the next couple of weeks. Glad to hear that you are feeling toned. Not sure what to tell you about the scale… Just keep plugging away!

  4. Congrats…I hear you on starting strong and getting ahead of the game. It was nice to relax a bit at the end. Thanks for all your support. You Rock!!!

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