Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 15, 2010

What a Ride!

My hubby and I had decided we would spend today on a bike ride…first thought of going to Napa and doing a ride we had done last year…then decided…well.. since we had driven to San Francisco yesterday and have to drive to San Jose tomorrow…we really didn’t want to spend anymore time in the car!  So…we headed out from our house on a ride my hubby had planned.  He knows the rules of riding with me…no HILLS!  We rode 16 miles out and stopped for lunch…then headed back…stopping at Trader Joe’s for a few items and finally arriving back home 33.5 miles later!  Was an incredible ride…did not feel like I had ridden that far at all…no complaints from me…no wind…no hills…well just a couple..but all in all..perfect riding weather and great route!

Hopefully I can get out of bed in the morning…I do believe that was the longest ride I have ever embarked upon and completed!  🙂

After watching a movie, I had planned on making dinner….nope…was too we grabbed some Mexican food to go..cost me a CE but well worth it…not having to make dinner!

What a great way to spend Valentines Day!!!  Thank you honey!



  1. That’s some ride – well done – that you did it together – even nicer. A well earned endulgent meal. {Sorry – I do not like to use the word Cheat – too much negativity.}

    TNT Man

  2. Nicely done!! That is one long ride. It was nice of your husband not to include hills…. Those will wear you down if you are not used to them. Maybe that is something that you can slowly add to your biking workout;-).

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