Posted by: baseballmom024 | February 3, 2010

Feeling Good!

Well…I spent the day in a meeting…boring…boring and more boring!  At one point I almost fell asleep.  Sitting and listening to people talk all day is just too much!  At some point you just check out….and believe me I did!

Getting out so late and sitting in traffic lead me to miss my son’s basketball game…so I decided to take the time to do my workout that I would normally due Wednesday morning.  For some reason I had some extra energy!

Day two of phase 2 went much better than day 1.  Felt great…each exercise left me on a high.  The four sets flew by and I was onto the treadmill for my running…I once again upped my speed and felt great through the whole run!

Where did the extra burst of energy come from???  I’m not sure…as drained as I was from the meeting….I was surprised to want to workout when I got home.

This phase takes me 1:45 to complete …. some great exercises…even the side plank with leg lift felt much better tonight.  Hopefully this feeling will continue!



  1. I tried a leg lift with my side planks the other day….now that adds another degree of tough to this exercise!
    I have those days also when I feel pretty flat but once I get started on a circuit I come to life and double up.
    Good job with your workouts, 1:45 is a nice duration.

  2. Re-directed all that pent up energy – good for you.

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