Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 31, 2010

Phase 2 – Weeks 5-8

WOW!  Just finished the first day of phase 2 of my Lose your Last 10 lbs. workout…it was a workout!!!  Funny how you get use to some exercises and when you go on to new ones that use different muscles..your realize you aren’t as strong as you thought you were…LOL!  Of course I have a 16 year old son reminding me I am weak!  Gotta love him!

This workout had a couple of interesting rope exercises which you put on your cable pulley…the squat pull through was great…a new way to work my glutes!  Ok, but who invented the side bridge or as some say the side plank.???  That by itself is ok..but having to lift your leg up and down while holding the position….OMG!  Someday I might feel like I have succeeded on this exercise.  Definately takes coordination…balance and a focused mind!

Still have to do the running right after lifting…working hard to increase my speed per interval….I have come a long way..but am by no means a runner and never will be!!!

Off to enjoy some sunshine!


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