Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 29, 2010


Ok…I am frustrated with the scale and know I am not the only one!  I need to go back to forgetting about it and using my other measurements to let me know how I am doing.

I have been following this “Lose the Last 10 lbs” for 4 weeks…and lost 1 lb…have 4 weeks to go!  I definately see a difference in my whole body..but not the scale.  People keep telling me it is because I don’t have 10 lbs to lose…I just wish I could change my mindset.  The lack of drop in pounds leads to lack of motivation to stick with the plan.  However, I have continued with the plan and will to the end….

Part of my problem is as I have said before…looking back to my “younger, pre children” weight…I have never gotten back to that and don’t believe I ever will…being 5’8 I weigh 131….I weighed 115 before getting pregnant the first time…and never got back there…was in the 120’s to 125 for years…would love to get there…just frustrating!!

Even my husband tells me I don’t have any weight to lose….someday I will change my mindset!!!  I know I am building more muscle as I am lifting more weights and my thighs look the best they have since my high school tennis and gymnastic years!!!  So what is my problem???????



  1. 5’8 – 133 & FIT – Nice.

    Yes – we can carry more weight – because muscle weighs more than fat.

    I have a picture of me (on a cruise) some 24 pounds lighter and – 24 years younger – but not fit – I just look young and skinny.

    Would not mind being younger and skinnier again – but since I can not be younger – than I might as well be fitter.

    Be happy – you deserve it.
    TNT Man

  2. Re-calculated my numbers – 29 years younger – and 29 pounds lighter. How soon we forget.

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