Posted by: baseballmom024 | January 23, 2010

Hard week…but lesson learned!

This has been a rough week for me!  Lots of rain…been fighting something..not sure what, just don’t feel quite right…sinus headache all week and really no energy for workouts.

However, I did complete all of my workouts…Monday and Wednesday workouts left me feeling very lathargic throughout the workout.  This morning I was dreading my workout after waking at 3 am with the worst sinus headache…just couldn’t get up to take anything..finally at 6 am I took two sinus headache pills and bam..I was out…never heard anything else until 9 am.  Got up and moved around trying to motivate myself to do my workout…felt a little weak…decided to eat a protein bar before working out.  I usually workout on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.  WOW!  I cannot believe the difference in having ate the protein bar…my workout was awesome!  Usually after my lifting when I have to hit the treadmill for the cardio part of the workout…I am so not into it!   I got on the treadmill…increased my speeds a tad for each interval and had the best run yet…got 4.1 miles in which is most I have completed in the timeframe of this workout!

Lesson learned…a little protein in my system prior to working out really makes a world of difference…guess I will have to get up even earlier to accomplish this!

Guess my body needs a little fuel to keep on going……….



  1. I have one scoop of protein powder mixed into teaspoons of instant coffee. Does it all. You may want to add a bit of carbs. When I add carbs – it is 25 grams protein and 30 grams carbs.

    I can not workout on an empty stomach.

    Good Luck

  2. Can’t edit a prior comment – that was 2 teaspoons of instant. Just add the protein to a cold cuppa coffee – not hot.

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